• Bridges

  • Highways

  • Structural Concrete

  • Earthwork

  • Concrete Paving

  • Steel Erection

  • Slide Repairs

  • Pile Driving


Our History

“Crouse Construction is a 3rd generation company. The company started in 1963 as a partnership between John Crouse and Harland Bailey. In 1971, John Crouse formed Crouse Construction Company, doing smaller bridge and concrete projects.  In 1977, Dean graduated from U of A with his Civil engineering degree and joined the company. In 1983, Dean became President of the company.  Fast forward to today, Crystal, Dean’s  daughter has joined the company, after graduating from UALR in 2006 with her degree in Construction Management. Crystal is now Vice-President and acting in the day to day activities of the company. With each generation, the company has grown and has the capability to do larger projects.”     


Agencies We Serve

  • AHTD

  • US Army Corp of Engineers

  • City Government

  • County Government

  • US Dept. of Interior

  • Private Corporations



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Our Office

P.O. Box 1816
Harrison, AR 72602-1816

Tel: 870-741-8622